Prepare your preschooler for a lifelong love of learning in any educational setting through musical, magical and memorable moments.

In a Level 3 Kindermusik class for three and four year olds, preschoolers will love the chance to pretend, imagine, explore, assert independence and express their creativity through a wide variety of activities. Activities in a Level 3 class include instrument play with a wide variety of instruments, intentional development of their singing voice, stories that help foster pre-literacy skills, practice turn-taking and intentional listening, classroom jobs to show they have an important role in our community, and lessons and units that foster incredible imagination in their emerging higher level thinking skills. In a Kindermusik preschool class, the grownups and family members join for the first few moments of class. Then we sing goodbye and the children spend their very own special time with their cherished Kindermusik teacher. The grownups and families re-join the class for the final 10-15 minutes of class as we share together in the musical, magical and memorable moments we had in class together. Level 3 is a perfect blend of music, movement, socialization and preparation for their school years. 


"Kindermusik is so good for kid's development! Patterning, consistency, and feeling welcomed is crucial for their development, in addition to the music and learning activities!" -Kindermusik at the Lakes parent