The History of Kindermusik at the Lakes

Kindermusik at the Lakes would not exist without the planting of the first seed with the birth of Kindermusik International in 1978. The seed sprouted when Kindermusik at the Lakes own Allison Antoine was a Kindermusik kid and graduate in the early 1990s. The tree grew and developed over the next couple decades simultaneously as Kindermusik International quickly became the world leader in early musical learning and as Miss Allison grew in her knowledge and love of music and education.

In 2016 the Miss Allison branched out into something new and exciting when she applied to and was accepted into Kindermusik University, the rigorous training program required by Kindermusik International. She completed the training in June 2017 and the first classes blossomed in September 2017 with more than 50 families experiencing Kindermusik from the very beginning. Since then, more than 120 families have enjoyed the fruit of Kindermusik at the Lakes and the community built therein through weekly classes, summer camps, Playdates and so much more.

We invite YOU to become a part of our Kindermusik at the Lakes family as we cherish childhood, create community, foster friendships and educate everyone by nurturing, encouraging, developing, and empowering the whole child, the whole family and the whole community through musical, magical, and memorable moments.

 "[Our child] really picked up on a couple new songs at Kindermusik that are now part of our bedtime song rotation. Watching [his] excitement when we would tell him it was a Kindermusik day was priceless!" Kindermusik at the Lakes parent