Kindermusik at the Lakes exists to cherish childhood, create community, foster fun-filled experiences and educate everyone by nurturing, encouraging, developing and empowering the whole child, the whole family, and the whole community through musical, magical, and memorable moments.



Music is naturally at the heart and soul of Kindermusik! Whether it be through exploring a wide variety of interesting instruments or dancing in a myriad of movements, music flows through the entire Kindermusik experience. Music from the Kindermusik curriculum is diverse throughout all the age levels and you and your child with experience and enjoy music in different tempos, styles, and moods from all over the world increasing musical literacy and growing the brain and body. As children move along the meticulously crafted Kindermusik experience year after year, they will grow in their knowledge of and ability to create music with their whole being. We teach music because we love music and because we love what music can do for children. As music educator Cheryl Lavender puts it, “The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant that the fact that music can make beautiful children.” This is Kindermusik.


In a welcoming, nurturing and safe environment, you and your child are free to be who you were created to be. Experience once again the joy and wonder of childhood as you have fun simply being present with your child and seeing the world through their eyes without worry or distraction. Enjoy watching your child blossom before your eyes as they discover more about who they are and what they enjoy. All personalities and learning styles are welcome and encouraged here. There is no wrong way to experience the Kindermusik magic! Special surprises- both planned and spontaneous- weave their way into the magical moments of Kindermusik.


Kindermusik at its core is not only fun but it is incredibly meaningful. The memories and bonds you will create connecting not only with each other but with new friends will carry beyond the walls of the Kindermusik classroom and into the rest of your child’s growing up years. The first five years of your child’s life are critical and yet they are also the most demanding on you. We educate you to know what is going on in your child’s brain and body development, why the activities in a Kindermusik class truly matter, and how you can easily and effortlessly incorporate them into your daily routines. Leave class feeling socialized, rejuvenated and empowered knowing that you are not alone in the high and low notes of this parenting adventure. You are an important part of your own family and of our Kindermusik community and we are here for you!


"We definitely made many new friendships this year through Kindermusik classes! Everyone in our family always looks forward to coming to Kindermusik- it is a highlight of every week!" Kindermusik at the Lakes parent