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The History of Kindermusik at the Lakes

"[Our child] really picked up on a couple new songs at Kindermusik that are now part of our bedtime song rotation. Watching [his] excitement when we would tell him it was a Kindermusik day was priceless!"

-Kindermusik at the Lakes parent

Kindermusik at the Lakes would not exist without the planting of the first seed with the birth of Kindermusik International in 1978. The seed sprouted when Kindermusik at the Lakes' own Allison Antoine was a Kindermusik kid and graduate in the early 1990s. The tree grew and developed over the next couple decades simultaneously as Kindermusik International quickly became the world leader in early musical learning and as Miss Allison grew in her knowledge and love of music and education.

Kindermusik at the Lakes opened in September 2017 and has since provided these musical, magical and memorable moments and experiences to 145 families and the children therein. We enjoy connecting with our broader community through various outreaches as well as with our Kindermusik community through family friendly events outside of class. Kindermusik is the leading early childhood music and movement program in the world and we are proud to bring a “Big City” experience to small town Iowa. We are absolutely committed to bringing this magical time of childhood to the forefront of your family’s early childhood experience.

We invite YOU to become a part of our Kindermusik at the Lakes family as we "Cherish the Child, Connect the Family, and Change the World."


"A Safe Space, a Loving Place"

We know that safety is a top priority for our grownups and we strive to make our studio a safe space in all avenues. We want you to know that your child is being looked out for and looked after physically. We want you to know that this is a safe and loving space for you to share your highs and lows of your days emotionally. You and your child will feel assured that you can be safe to be who you are.

"The Gift of Presence"

The gift of your presence is key at Kindermusik. We give time and space with minimal distraction to connect with your own family. We invite and nurture genuine connection with other families in the same stage of life as you, forming lasting friendships with other families. We enjoy connecting with the local community outside of our studio. We also connect you with resources for your parenting journey both in and out of class.

"Musical, magical, memorable moments"

Someone once said, “The days are long but the years are short.”  We invite you to cherish the moments of your child’s childhood as they are.  Watch your child’s eyes light up each class through the magic of exploration and discovery. Watch new skills blossom as your child grows into their own person. Experience happiness and joy and tuck away your own memories through these meaningful musical, magical, and memorable moments.

"Inspire the Child, Support the Grownup"

Scientists know that the first 3-5 years of a child’s life set the stage for the rest of it. At Kindermusik at the Lakes, we invest in these critical years so your child can reach their highest potential as they continue to grow. The skills they will learn, practice and repeat throughout their time in Kindermusik will prepare and inspire their minds for schooling, their bodies for sports, dance, and visual arts and their hearts for a lifelong love and appreciation for all kinds of learning.