1. When is the best time to start Kindermusik with my child?

 No child is too young for Kindermusik! You will find that not only does the child naturally benefit from the rich and nurturing environment of Kindermusik, but so does the adult that attends as well! Each of the curriculum levels is crafted to be developmentally appropriate. Not only will your child be stimulated in age appropriate ways that will truly give them a catalyst for brain and body development, you as their grownup will learn more about what is going on in your child's brain and body and how you can help foster their growth every day! Today is the best time to start! 

2. Do you recommend doing Kindermusik classes in instead of or in addition to additional activities?

Kindermusik is a great predecessor or complement to dance classes, sports, and future music lessons and art lessons (not to mention all the academic activities they will have an jump start on in their school years). Dance teachers say that children who have early musical experiences before and during their dance classes have great success. Music teachers tell us that Kindermusik graduates are their dream students. Adding Kindermusik into your family's routine will be a great asset.

3. What is all included in the tuition?

Monthly tuition includes all the in person Kindermusik classes, the Kindermusik Home materials (new each month), connection opportunities with your family and others both in and out of class and some surprises along the way as well... We are very transparent and upfront with our tuition and stand by the value of our classes and do not have any extra or unadvertised fees in our program. There may be periodic opportunities to purchase extra items such as apparel, books, and instruments but these purchases are never required. We believe that the value of connecting with your child thorugh Kindermusik cannot merely be measured financially. You are giving your child the gift of an incredible start to their entire life. How a child is engaged and encouraged in active, musical learning in their earliest years will have a direct influence on their future. These unseen benefits will help propel them into a rich and full lifelong love of learning. 

4. Do you offer punch cards or pay per class options?

Kindermusik at the Lakes is designed to be a continuum experience. We do not offer punch cards or pay per class options because it breaks the continuum and actually detracts from the benefits of Kindermusik. Community is extremely important to us and we want you and your child to experience the musical, magical and memorable moments of the experience in its entirety. 

5. What do I need to wear and bring to classes?

Kindermusik classes are very casual. We recommend wearing clothing you and your child feel comfortable in as we will spend time on the floor and time moving around the room. We also do not wear shoes in our classroom so bring socks if you have chilly toes! Diaper bags and purses may be brought in if desired and stored in our cubbies. We ask that any food or beverages other than water be kept out of the classroom and left in the hallway. We have a no cell phone policy while in class so phones may be silenced and placed in your bags or left in the hallway. Other than that, just bring yourselves!

6. What happens if we miss a class?

We understand that illness and travel sometimes interfere with class attendance. If you need to miss a class you are welcome to attend any other class in the week (or in subsequent weeks) at a different time to make it up. And, with the Kindermusik Home materials, you can utilize those resources at home while you're sick or if you're away on vacation! It's an added bonus! We want you to be able to get in all the classes in which you enrolled. 

7. My child has special needs. Can they attend classes? 

Children of all abilities are welcome and treasured in class. Please contact the studio to help find the class that will be the best fit for you and your child and their abilities. 

8. My child is active and likes to move. Will Kindermusik classes work for them?


Young children cannot learn apart from movement. We welcome movement in our classroom! We teach children and adults how to move safely in all kinds of different ways. You and your kinesthetic learner will fit in perfectly.

9. My child is quiet and shy. Will Kindermusik classes work for them?


Our Kindermusik family is enriched by all kinds of learning styles and personalities of the adults and the children. Any new environment can be overwhelming at first. A quiet child doesn’t mean that the child isn’t learning. It simply means he or she absorbs first. Having you or another trusted adult in class means that your child can learn and grow at their own pace and in their own way. 

10. Can someone else bring my child if I am unable to?

 Yes! Any trusted adult with whom your child is comfortable is welcome to bring your child to class! We have had moms, dads, nannies, grandmas, grandpas, grownup neighbors and friends all bring children to Kindermusik classes!

11. Do you have gift certificates or scholarships?

We have gift certificates available year round for all of the special events or just because: birthdays, holidays, welcome baby, and more! Limited, partial scholarships are available by application. Contact kindermusikatthelakes@gmail.com to obtain gift certificates or to apply for a scholarship.

12. We would love to do Kindermusik but none of the times work for us. What should we do?

We are always trying to find the best and most convenient classes for our families. If you have suggestions as to what times and age groups we should add, we are always open to feedback! Feel free to contact us!